开启语言之门的钥匙 ——上海托马斯实验学校英语老师谈庭青

2019-12-25 441

The Key to the World of English——Tan Tingqing, English teacher of Shanghai Thomas School


Shanghai Thomas School is proud of its best-in-class international faculty and staff. Today you’ll meet our English teacher-Tingqing Tan.





Path of Growth: SISU-“Southern new Ivy”

–Shanghai Thomas School

Graduated from Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) and Vanderbilt University, Tingqing has degrees in Business Administration, English Literature and English Education. Years of study in some of the world’s best education institutes has implanted English into her professional pedagogy. After leaving campus, her interest in English language learning and teaching never waned. While at Vanderbilt University English Learner Center she had the role of assistant teacher, where she designed English courses for spouses of the university’s community. During her time here, she also provided free counseling services for disadvantaged immigrant students at a local public high school. This counseling work included developing necessary knowledge in career preparation and academic writing skills.

After returning from the States, she earnestly joined the big family of Shanghai Thomas School and became a teacher. Her expertise in teaching earned her praising from both colleagues and students.






Teaching Students in Accordance of Their 

Aptitude: Handing the Key to 

English Over to Students

With a solid foundation in English and teaching practices combined, she not only understands the essentials of English learning, but also test-taking tactics. During her teaching in Shanghai Thomas School, her classes highlight the integration of methods from home and abroad.

Based on her experience on learning and teaching, she has deeply realized that teaching to test won’t lead to students’ success in English. As Steve Job’s famous quote goes; “stay hungry, stay foolish.” It is the same with English learning. May it be reading English printed publications, or watching English films, always keeping the curiosity and desire for language is the doorway to linguistic mastery. That’s why she would introduce various English materials for students both in and outside of class, which not only includes academic readings on science and liberal arts, but also more casual materials focused on culture and entertainment. She is patient and approachable, and focused on providing materials that are both thought provoking as well as enjoyable. In addition to helping students to develop the right learning method, she put great emphasis on cultivating independent learners. 

In addition, she pays great attention to teaching by words and deeds, and sets an example for students academically. While imparting knowledge, she cares for the growth and success of every student, and becomes the spreader of knowledge and the inheritor of civilization.







Consecutive Awards: 

Maximizing the Potential of Students

Tingqing hopes that every student can have abundant opportunities to pursue their creativity and potential, and thrive outside the classroom. During class, she is considerate of students’ needs and would seize every educational opportunity; After class, she is willing to participate in various student activities, in order to help students achieve all-round development.

In the “Shamrock Cup” English speech contest organized by Shanghai Education International Exchange Association and Consulate General of Ireland in Shanghai, she directed the students to complete the drama project. Along with teacher’s guidance, students had substantial autonomy in composing script, making props, purchasing costumes and creating multimedia. With everyone’s joint effort, the students have achieved spectacular results in the competition. This year in December, one of her students came in third place in the English Contest for High School Students of Shanghai.

“Each of us is part of Shanghai Thomas School, just as a glowing drop of water resting on a lotus leaf. When joined together, the drops can converge into a stream that flows into rivers and seas." The school has a group of dedicated "gardener” as such, who worked together to promote the continuous growth of the school every day.


From her perspective, the value of learning English is worth more than a test score. Rather it is a key to opening a wonderful future!